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Ok, first post on a stupid buyer, probably just start by stating English as a language when you only ship in the US should not be a barrier. They understood when eBay opened an unpaid item.....Ok, had an item, nothing expensive, but buyer won auction, only bidder, then sent message "Sorry, I'll send the payment on Wed, Something wrong with my card. I;m a man of my word. Again Wednesday, Should be fix by then, Thanks" this was on a Saturday afternoon, only on eBay can someone know they have no way of paying and bid, win and then tell you when they are paying, I ignored them, not my problem, eBay in 3 days will help sort it out for me, if you want an item and can't pay, contact me before bidding, winning and then thinking I'm running a layaway, next message "I told you I would send the money today! You didn't have to open a case, paypal wasn't working. Now ! If you don't send it in two days! and in working order, I'll open one on you"

I sent him a message, "I just got off the phone with eBay asking me explain how eBay works to you, I received this email from eBay on my behalf , "Hi seller(that's Me), We've told your buyer that we just opened an unpaid item case for "the item they have no money to pay for" If payment isn't received by Jun-28-15, you'll get a final value fee credit. We'll also record an unpaid item on the buyer's account". There is no such thing as buyers remorse, they don't care if your card was messed up, it was automated case eBay opened."

He responded with this gem, "what ever ! send it. Your just mad that I got it at that cost. If I didn't want it, I wouldn't have e-mail you So send it and have a nice day, and ebay let him leave me neutral feedback which they won't remove even after reading his messages, that I don't have good peeple skills, his spelling not mine.

Stupid Buyer, maybe I shouldn't have ignored him and expect anything from ebay, or maybe I should have contacted ebay when he said he couldn't pay for 4 days after agreeing to in less than 3 based on the auction and ebay policies, let me know ebay world, who'd the jackass?
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