Buying board games for St. Jude Cancer Kids

Buying board games for St. Jude Cancer Kids

Postby Jimmyz » Mon Jul 04, 2016 12:22 pm

Buyer ohrbajacob has contacted me twice now with the same speel, that he is collecing board games for the children at St. Judes Hospital, I should say Hospital's plural, if you look at his feedback he's purchased thousands of games and 1 out of 5 feedbacks are scathingly negative. He states they don't have a lot of money so any help would be great, I'm assumming he has a second account and is reselling them, I've told him twice as he's made less than 50% offers on a Disney Trivial Pursuit in a limited collectors tin, that he can find the same game for a couple dollars in it's widely released cardboard box version. I recommend anyone selling games stick him in your block list before accidentally taking one of his offers.

Here's a link to his feedback left for others if this forum will let me leave it. ... tForOthers
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